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Food For Thought

Guide To Residential Styles

By Ask An Architect, Food For Thought, Residential

Although the United States was founded less than 250 years ago, there has been a myriad of design styles when it comes to residential architecture. The US has seen an evolution of residential architecture, beginning with colonial style homes which were heavily influenced by the early settler’s origin countries, to the contemporary homes we see across the country today. Occasionally, it may be difficult to determine a house’s style due to eclectic designs or renovations. Typically, structural and architectural elements like arches, columns, dormers, moldings, roofs, and windows help highlight a style of home. To help you categorize our home, we’ve put together a chronological list of popular US house styles below.

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Mark’s Teardrop Camper

By Firm Culture, Food For Thought

On Labor Day weekend in 2015, we were camping on the Pacific Coast of Washington State, at Kalaloch Campground, when we saw our first teardrop camper. It was an original, owned by the original owners, who’d likely had it since the 50’s. And we thought it was the bee’s knees. So we set about designing, and then building, our own. It’s been a long process, and always one that would get done when it gets done. No rush, it’s my fun project. We started building in 2016 and 2017, but then bought… Read More

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