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Veronica Restrepo

Guide To Residential Styles

By Ask An Architect, Food For Thought, Residential
Although the United States was founded less than 250 years ago, there has been a myriad of design styles when it comes to residential architecture. The US has seen an evolution of residential architecture, beginning with colonial style homes which were heavily influenced by the early settler's origin countries, to the contemporary homes we see across the country today. Occasionally,…
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Sustainability Programs

By Ask An Architect, Best Practices, Commercial, Residential
Green Building Programs are initiatives that provide standards to help owners, designers, and construction consultants achieve healthy and high-performing buildings. By standardizing a set of rules, or requirements that apply not only during construction, but throughout the life of the building, Green Building Programs can help to provide layers of accountability and integrity to building projects. Buildings are responsible for…
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Our Site Due Diligence Report

By Ask An Architect, Best Practices, Commercial, Residential, Site Analysis
When starting any project, it’s important to have a complete understanding of the condition and characteristics of any property. As a company, we’ve developed a document called our Site Due Diligence Report, which enables us to follow a quick review process to ensure all our projects are feasible. Regardless of the project type, the due diligence report helps us organize…
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Mark’s Teardrop Camper

By Firm Culture, Food For Thought
On Labor Day weekend in 2015, we were camping on the Pacific Coast of Washington State, at Kalaloch Campground, when we saw our first teardrop camper. It was an original, owned by the original owners, who'd likely had it since the 50's. And we thought it was the bee's knees. So we set about designing, and then building, our own.…
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Construction Waste Management Strategies

By Best Practices
In every construction and demolition project, waste is produced. Waste management is the concept of that waste being collected, transported, and disposed of. With efforts to be more sustainable, and responsible to our planet, we are still generating an excess in global waste. According to the United Nations, we dump around 2.12 million tons of waste a year. In 2020…
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Firewise Design

By Best Practices
Firewise USA® is a program started by the National Fire Protection Association (NFPA) that teaches people to better understand wildfires, and increase their home’s chance of survival through proactive actions. To be recognized as a Firewise USA® site,  community members and residents collaborate with state forestry agencies or fire departments to obtain a written wildfire risk assessment, and develop an…
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