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Sustainability Programs

By Ask An Architect, Best Practices, Commercial, Residential

Green Building Programs are initiatives that provide standards to help owners, designers, and construction consultants achieve healthy and high-performing buildings. By standardizing a set of rules, or requirements that apply not only during construction, but throughout the life of the building, Green Building Programs can help to provide layers of accountability and integrity to building projects. Buildings are responsible for over one-third of global energy consumption, and about… Read More

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Our Site Due Diligence Report

By Ask An Architect, Best Practices, Commercial, Residential, Site Analysis

When starting any project, it’s important to have a complete understanding of the condition and characteristics of any property. As a company, we’ve developed a document called our Site Due Diligence Report, which enables us to follow a quick review process to ensure all our projects are feasible. Regardless of the project type, the due diligence report helps us organize all the information that the city and county provide for properties and existing structures. Below we will review the… Read More

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